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The New Predator

The New Predator experiment has taken generations to perfect in its engineering. What I have noticed in seeing the refining of each generation with regards to the experiment creation of the hybridized New Predator is that it is unique from the typical psychopathy and narcissistic pathologies of the axis groups. It is unique from sociopathy and psychopathy, a unique hybridization creation.

The brilliant concept of the love bite and the dark side of cupid which Eve Lorgen brought forward was instrumental in engineering the new predator. In ancient society these love bitten hyperdimensional targeting themes were well known and narrated. Like these themes that were typically known about in mythology with regards to the deities and demigods having relationships with humans and human hybrids so many lines were fashioned in experimentation.

Gene coding, soul coding and the mapping of neural pathways have been an ancient pastime in experimentation, augmentation and the creation story of the past, present and the future. We see this love bite and the dark side of cupid with relationships to these higher beings and their dynamics which reverberate through their creations.

This was usually centred around obsession and love, a personal bite with regards to feeding themselves and needing that feeding which went both ways in extremes in victim to perpetrator albeit both are both to one another, just like the greek gods that needed worship and the worshipers needed the 'Gods'. It is like that only on the level of personal feelings which acted as food in the cycle of want, need, addiction and replaying the old narratives of torment, abuse and the issues that plagued both victim and perpetrator.

On the whole there was something else happening that was far more predacious and far more dangerous, on hyperdimensional and interdimensional levels, which was really a work in progress in terms of the experiment in engineering such hybrids. This work in progress I feel the gnostics knew and wrote about. They introduced in modern literature as per this last cycle the stages of what is really happening here and what is predating us, but they were never able to complete the whole account.

Unfortunately they were hijacked and killed before they could finish it. But I really do believe they would have written about this as they did see it in the making clearly having intel from deep inside the mind of Gnosis. This project goes way beyond what is imaginable. This is not about love per se, this is really about spirituality and the Original Sparks whom carried their Original connection and it's Tree of Knowledge.

The experiment of the New Predator is a targeting technology infused with supernatural elements belonging to the Original Flame streams of consciousness and Gnosis. This is about targeting those who are seeking connection with regards to their spiritual gnosis, and how they are evolving and branching out reaching deep into the recesses of all these Original connections and how they are breaking through the shackles.

So when people are starting to wake up, many seek connections that can help them grow and nurture this evolution of spirit & in reaching out is where the new predator lies in wait, scouting and utilizing their extra-sensory abilities to target the Originals whom are beginning to break through with their powers.

This new predator was designed specifically to attack that, and to procure its essence through a slow kill cannibalistic consumption. Cannibalising the essence of the Original Flame in order for them to take it over, and become it. This is a very deep and diabolical means by which mimicry is literally the impostor taking over through a process of osmosis ensuing in the theft of the individual essence, the individual and their abilities and gifts including life if taken that far.

When the process has completed successfully, the victim then is left without their essense, if they don't unhook themselves their light will consistently diminish along with their creativity and gifts until nothing but a shell exists and in some cases leading to total annihilation.

This level of predation goes far beyond any kind of previously understood knowledge, or experiences that until now were relegated to the affairs of the heart. This is intricate knowledge of procuring a biological weapon that is fused with AI along with hybrid creatures that are pathological while housing pieces of sentient essence long trapped and underdeveloped which relates to primordial wounding and childlike behaviors of victimhood while transiting the mind of a psychotic creature bred to consume and never be satiated.

This is not an affair of the heart although disguised therein, it is an affair of the spirit, true genuine original lifeforce and the Fire of Creation. This is about the essence of a BEING and the hijacking of the BECOMING. This dynamic of the New Predator is not related to a love connection so much as a strategic attack using sophisticated weaponry designed to ensnare the target through hormones, chemicals, psychic fusion, telepathy and the inner world of the Fire Original. This sophisticated technology ensnares the mind, heart, soul and entire essence of the Spark. This is used to target those that pose the greatest threat to the system and its parasitic controllers who long ago lost their essence through the division and separation and have created counterfeit worlds to trap the Originals.

Most new predators have an array, a collection of people around them some move quietly targeting . Some create spiritual centers of retreat and knowledge. Others can be witnessed in larger cults amassing power. Some never stay in one place too long and can be seen traveling all around and collecting victims under the guise of some spiritual movement or healing practices. The flavor of the New Predator is to invade the spiritual movement and those that are truly beginning to arouse not only their memory but their true Original unlimited abilities.

The new predator is disguised beneath the mask of love however it is addiction, mirroring, projection and theft of essence. It is a spiritual targeting to eliminate the Original mass consciousness and it's emancipation from all matrixes and trap systems.

Eve Lorgens work on The Love Bite and The Dark Side of Cupid was a paradigm changer and instrumental for innerstanding the world stage set up within the paradigm of light, relationships and strategic hyperdimensional attacks on the carriers of that Light. In the New Predator there isn't a love dynamic but rather a relapse of childhood wounding that keeps replaying itself with the addiction qualities of spiritual, emotional, mental and soul needs never met but yearned for.

Within the phenomenon of the new predator both mirror and project to one another the Originals essence and although the pathology of the engineering creates child like altars and a desperation for what the predator thinks is Love so as to capture the flame's heart. The victims experience a 1:1 connection to the new predator which would very much feel like it was a genuine spirit to heart connection. The confusion would begin once locked into the addiction pattern of abuse focusing on the internal psychic knowledge of the victim as though the new predator was a literal half of the victim knowing the impossible.

The confusion between the spirit and the hearts connection to the new predator with regards to witnessing the powerful reward vs punishment cycle would not be strong enough to release the chords as by now the hooks are well in place and the feeding and drugging becomes the primal need of both the victim and the predator.

Now we see almost a viral situation where the predator is a lover, a mentor, a tormentor unlike anything before. You at this point are witnessing the predator absorbing and consuming your essence while quietly also a theft of not only ones gifts, abilities and creativity are taken but also and most importantly one's actual soul essence consuming one's consciousness, and leaving the victim without its own essence. Supernaturally by virtue of doing that they can tap into everything that you are connected to and not only invade but steal it. They can tap into your past, your past lives, your consciousness and retrieve pearls of truth from the great sea of the multiverse that the Original is from.

The victim would not necessarily know what was happening due to the drugging and the hyper chemicals constantly being released in the cycle of abuse and addiction. The victim would not know that the brilliance of the new predator is actually originated from them and their own creative pools. The predators multifaceted skills within the healing, psychic and supernatural realms taken literally from the hosting victim.

The victim would initially be shown a perfect mirror of themselves however the projection would be so good that they would never know they were experiencing their own projection. This is how the new predator begins to entice his/her prey. In seeing everything that one's heart desires in beautify and what looks like love the euphoria would begin. Amazed and already cast within a spell the dance would begin.

One would be drawn magnetically to the predator feeling such a strong spiritual connection to him/her and everything. This is part of the lure to seduce the Spirit and lull it asleep affecting the souls senses. It is just a projection of you to you, but you are not aware of it. So you actually fall for the belief that this person has the same path and same spiritual desire for truth, and ability to procure an essence out of the multiverse which is a very rare thing. It's very diabolical because before you know it you are deeply inside and imprisoned within a system that uses an infinity mirror system of projections of yourself, while your essence is getting removed systematically through a consuming process from the predacious osmosis taking place.

The New Predator – is not just relegated to relationships; it is being witnessed throughout deeper levels of spirituality where numbers are drawn in and literally a technology is being utilized to attach itself to the Predator, whom in turn is attached to a very large ‘feeding center or Principality’. So what we see is that this ‘take over and theft of the person’s identity and soul’ is being played out by the hosting predator leaving the victim without their original Creation/creativity, morals, feelings, passions beliefs and in it’s place an empty shell that is no longer usable because the theft has been completed.

Many whom are seeking deeper levels of their own Light are being coraled into specific ‘light truth movements’ so that they can be ‘stolen’. Once inside they live out their spiritual enlightenment through the ‘group’ but in truth a theft of identity and essence is occurring so it’s not just relegated to personal intimate relationship dynamics, but is a spiritual mirror reflection projection with the ‘predator’. The New Predator has been literally downloaded with the AI version of Spirituality and Gnossis along with many secrets of the Demiurge and Archons and that is what attracts the victim………..they see only the mirror aspect of their own Spirituality which they are duped into believing is the Spiritual connection to TRUTH and it’s discovery with the predator.

It is essential that the victim disengage in order to fight for their essence back because the theft can continue to take place even after disengaging if the connection was deep enough.

The previous version centered around Love and were written about in many ancients texts, ancient Greece is filled with stories of love bites but this is not the same because the new predators are not humans that have been hijacked and utilized in the sense of the splitting and interdimensional manipulations, but rather this has been a birth portal project that has taken generations to perfect so that the predators are not ‘human’ per se but act as portals that in essence are themselves the technology by which they hoover and steal essence for the parent Hosts parasites. The dynamic involves mirroring back to you your life as the theft is taking place as well as an addiction to that which is destroying you and cannibalizing you.

This is attached to archetypes of all the victims summation of lives and experiences and draws upon every core terror experienced while making them completely dependent on the predator for Life as a result of being essentially eaten alive and stolen. This goes beyond Stockholm syndrome because what happens is that there is no real ‘positive’ seduction once the attachment has been completed but instead it’s a continuous theft and mirroring back of the theft. It’s a mirror of playback abuse as per the person’s core wounds only and a series of injections to keep the victim imprisoned as they feel their ‘essence’ leaving them…they cling to that which is removing it because it’s the closest to ‘their essence’ they can get to as the theft is taking place.

This is a type of malignant psychopathy more than it is about any kind of Love per se. In fact it’s all punishment based and psychological terror based.

Well, that is only one tiny aspect of a far deeper infiltration-as they were refining the units with each succeeding generation that were being born through female portals (women who acted as womb portals for the projects of these un-souled biological creatures whom in their own vast emptiness have been given a horrendous appetite to fill a black anti-creation void through true Life Essence of those that have Fire Spirits).

What we have witnessed prior to this level of technology that we have was using fallen angelics but the new predator is a different beast altogether. ©

– Lauda Leon Sovereign Ki

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