NEW Group Session beginning Thursday July 9th @ 12:00 pm PST, July 16th, July 23rd, July 30th, August 6th and ending on August 13th.


The Group will begin from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.


Please email for more information. The Spirit to Body Sovereignty Introduction Group deals with the laws that operate this realm & personal experience in navigating though the illusions, perceptions, magic and AI just to name a few. This group is designed to equip one to be able to see through the spells casted and tactics of manipulation, subversion and imposter hive consciousness.

The Fee is: $443.00 USD 

Please email and reserver your spot via payment and confirmation.

Limited availability. 

                           SESSION BOOKING UPDATE


I am currently booking sessions into May onwards

I am honored to have the volume of clients and while I wish I could read everyone immediately, it is a physical impossibility due to the vital importance of maintaining healthy balance to my energetic and physical body.


To be fair to the energy for each reading, it is most important that I give myself sufficient time to regenerate. It is essential therefore that each reading not exceed 1.5 hours in order for me to maintain my equilibrium. 


Because each reading requires a great deal of energy, I am only able to book a certain amount of sessions per week. Without the equilibrium in regeneration, I am unable to have the energy needed to sustain the integrity of each reading properly. Therefore it is vital that I honor both the integrity of myself and my clients for each reading. 


Doing a reading is likened to running a physical marathon energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally as I am utilizing energy on all levels therefore sustaining my regeneration is mandatory as well as keeping the session to 1.5 hours. 

I am greatly appreciative for everyone's patience and understanding. 


                                               On The Horizon

I am currently also planning workshops, large group gallery talks, speaking engagements and retreats in the coming year throughout the country and possibly abroad if possible. 


*To book a speaking engagement email




                                  Love Bite Support Group

We are holding a “Love Bite” support group for both men and women starting the first week in beginning of May 14th, 21st, 28th, June 4th, 11th and 18th  2020, and run for 6 weeks @ 240.00 US via PayPal @

This will be held via Zoom video-conferencing and each group will have no more than 8 participants plus two facilitators, Eve Lorgen and Lauda Leon.


In this support group we will:


  • Identify life and relationship patterns related to “alien abduction and/or interference”


  • Understand the nature of love obsession characteristics and learn how to disengage from unhealthy relating behaviors if/when such a love connection is “engineered” and inferered with.


  • Distinguish healthy versus unhealthy relationship dynamics by understanding the nature of unresolved trauma and its resultant personality patterns and coping skills that perpetuate problems in ones life in relationships. Unresolved trauma causes one to be vulnerable to “manipulations”.


  • How to stop the spinning of relationship “trauma dramas” and learn how to respond differently when interference is happening.


  • Learn how to identify if the “love bite” is a form of co-dependent empath personality pattern in relationship with a personality disordered (narcissist or borderline) person, who tends to act as the “energy vampire”.


  • Learn to strengthen ones own authentic self-love so that one will not be as easily “interfered with” by manipulative or controlling people, aliens or “hosted” inviduals.


  • Understand the importance of setting boundaries with unhealthy energy vampires and personality disordered people, who are unlikely to change.


This Love Bite Support group is for individuals who have experiences that encompass the spectrum, anywhere from a classic “alien love bite” (as written in The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships”—(See: ) or a “Dark Cupid” type of interdimentionally orchestrated relationship with the classic interference patterns described in my “Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism” book. Both books can be purchased directly via See:


For more information on what is a classic “Alien Love Bite” please see the original article:


Article on Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas:


These relationships often feel as if they are “Twin Flames” or Soul Mates.


Red Flags of a Dark Side of Cupid Connection (Taken from Dark Side of Cupid book)


  •  – Dreams of the partner before meeting them, suggesting something precognitive.

  • – Physical sensations in the solar plexus, genital, gut or other body areas, such as neck, heart, and between the shoulders.

  • – Astral sex visitations and/or telesthesia — sensing the energy body in a sexual way and very physically, as if another being were present but invisible.

  • – Strong psychic connection, even though you may not really love your partner.

  • – Powerful sexual passion and obsessive need to have sex, even in cases in which you don’t love the partner or they don’t love you and/or are abusive.

  • – Psychic responses and coincidences from either partner, like receiving a phone call or email from your partner the moment you think about cutting off the connection.

  • – A sense of emotional or physical draining.

  • – One partner becoming suddenly switched off emotionally or “psychically unplugged.”

  • – Feelings of being watched, or being played like puppets in some drama-myth.

  • – Paranormal activity, third party “entity” visits or attacks, sudden dreams, visions and thoughts as if implanted.

  • – Obsessive thoughts that are not usual for either partner

  • – Synchronicities, omens, and a feeling of being in a magical reality.



 Cost of the entire 6 week group is USD$240.00.


For the mens group, make payment via Lauda Leon's donation button at


For the womens group, make payment directly through under the Contact Menu button, scroll down to where it says pay for a session via the donation button. Enter the cost: $240.00 for 6 sessions via PayPal donation button, with the message LBSG.

Warm Regards,


Evie and Lauda

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