Declaration of Sovereignty

Declaration created and contributed by Houus

Remembrance and Reclamation of My Inherent I AM Sovereignty

The following is to be declared in effect via the spoken word.

I proclaim my inherent right to be unhindered as my Divine Sovereign I AM Self
from this moment and for perpetuity. This declaration is made by ME.

‘ME’ is defined as: MY own unique Self; my Antimatter Self (Spirit,
Consciousness, Unconsciousness, Soul and all Soul fragments). This extends and
not limited to my material self: DNA, RNA, every single atom and cell. ‘ME’ is also
defined as: My emotional body, spiritual body, mental body, electromagnetic
body, frequency, and the original blueprint of SOURCE AS and THROUGH ME
throughout all time-space, space-time, timelessness, within all folds of time, in
any verse, universe, anti-verse, world, frequency or density.

Anyone or anything with nefarious intent whom, intrudes, exploits, enslaves,
manipulates, controls, oppresses, deceives, interjects, interferes, suppresses,
inhibits, buys, sells, claims to own, trades ANY fragment(s) of ME, mind controls,
invades, remote views, spies, shadows, uses implants, uses nanite technology,
parasites, infectious disease, viruses, black magic, sorcery, programming,
frequency waves, tractor beams, trickery, slavery in any form, obstructs,
interjects thoughts or beliefs through external creation of dreams or telepathy or

ANY OTHER NEFARIOUS BEHAVIOR now and throughout all time-space, space-
time, timelessness, within all folds of time, in any verse, universe, anti-verse,

world, frequency or density is FORBIDDEN for perpetuity!

I recognize all above acts as unlawful crimes against ME, my Sovereign Free Will
and against the Universal Law of One. Let it be known, I REJECT and REBUKE
these acts from the highest order of the I AM Source for now and for perpetuity.
NO human, person(s), living or nonliving beings, entities,
corporations/institutions/religious sects, political parties, machines, artificial
intelligence in all forms, secret/covert groups, on/off world
energies/frequencies anywhere have the right to override my Sovereign Free Will

ANY and ALL contracts, agreements, tacit agreements or treaties made by or for
ME including, but not limited to, anyone in my ancestral linage or by anyone
consummating consent for ME in the past under duress, involving deception,
trickery, mind control, during the use of black magic ceremonies or sorcery
procedures or while serving someone else’s selfish agenda occurring in any
moment of time-space, space-time, timelessness, in any fold of time as
represented on Earth/Tara/Gaia or across ANY verse, anti-verse, inverse,
universe, on any level, within ANY density by anyone or anything without FULL
TRANSPARANCY and full understanding by (ME) is declared a violation of my
Sovereign Free will and is declared NULL and VOID for perpetuity! I do this
through my right as an Infinite Divine Sovereign Being with the power of
Universal Law of One.

In the future if ANY living or non-living person(s), being, entity, corporation,
institution, religious sect, political party, government, machine, artificial
intelligence of any kind, secret/covert group, on/off world energy/frequency or
consciousness wishes to have a contract, treaty, agreement or tacit agreement
with ME, one MUST disclose their identity and also MUST disclose the identity of
who or what they are representing or working for. One MUST do so face to face
in this physicality with COMPLETE transparency. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL MUST
be highlighted and explained in FULL DETAIL with full acknowledge and
agreement of my free will AND shall only be validated with my wet INK


I lovingly invoke and reclaim my Sovereignty from the highest order of the I AM
SOURCE OF THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR and embrace the power and
expression OF Source AS and THROUGH ME now and for perpetuity.

AS the DIVINE SOVEREIGN BEING I AM in freedom I remember who (Divine
Self) and what (In expression) I AM in fullness.

As an expression of the ONE TRUE CREATOR SOURCE that I AM, I extend
divine love and forgiveness to ALL who have trespassed against me. Both love
and forgiveness are granted with kindness and compassion from a place of pure
authentic grace. This act is NOT to be considered as a sign of weakness NOR as
permission to continue insidious acts toward or against ME. Therefore, let it be
known, forgiveness is expressly granted from the I AM force within ME.

I hereby state, I have the right of my own SOVEREIGN FREE WILL to change,
update, or modify this Declaration at ANY time.

The materials written by myself and other authors are presented for informational purposes, intended for the benefit of those seeking truth, freedom, personal growth and expansion of awareness.
This website as an independent entity, therefore does not permit and is protected from any form of malevolent attack which attempts to undermine, subvert, harm or intend any strategy of attack. Such will not be permitted to effect myself, family members, colleagues, contributors upon this web site or any loved ones that have ties to me on all levels, all dimensions of time and cycles of time.

Any entity or group visiting this website to partake in reading or sharing the information cannot use such to harm or use it in any way for purposes of deception, ill, agreements of entrapment or snares of any kind. The information is and can only be applied to generate one's personal evolution, freedom, Activation through Love via the One True Source of the Ultimate Creator of which we are part. I hold these terms and conditions as my statement of Law in applied Sovereign Will to be in effect on all levels, dimensions and time, through cycles of time. It is Done and Integrated. OriginalRight O Sovereign Ki Meta Ki Qinetics