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Declaration of Cetacean Sovereignty
for a Sovereign and Lawful Hawaiian Government

Scribed May 31, 2016 by Jillian Sprado

A Sovereign Lawful Hawaiian government and it’s Peoples recognizes and declares the Cetacean to be a Sovereign Nation: Self governing with individual language, physical residence, culture, social and governing structures. The name Cetacean is a human categorization describing aquatic marine mammals titled whales, dolphins & proposes, that are sentient Earth beings. A Sovereign LHG affirms the Cetacean Nation as an intellectually advanced expression of governance and is in cooperation with the Cetacean Nation’s laws and social

• A Sovereign LHG and Peoples recognize the self evident truth that Cetaceans are mammals and extend all rights privileges and protections of human mammals to the mammalian Cetacean Nation, in and on all regions of Earth, including her oceans, seas and water ways. The Sovereign LHG offers
equal and fair treatment to the Cetacean Nation, set by the president of human mammalian law, protecting and serving the greater Earth community.

• A Sovereign LHG declares the Cetacean Nations right to protect and evolve their culture, heritage, language and traditional practices. This government and it’s Peoples acknowledge the 'whale song' as integral to the Cetacean family, social and governing structures; delineating lineage, history and traditions of the Cetacean Nation. Preservation and protection of this ‘ oral tradition’ is the sovereign birth right of the Cetaceans and paramount to a Sovereign LHG and it’s Peoples. The disruption, silencing, interference or disturbance of this ‘ oral tradition ‘ ( intangible cultural heritage ) is not permissible and is in direct violation of the Sovereign LHG and the Sovereign Cetacean Nation.

• A Sovereign LHG supports and protects the Cetacean Nations sovereign right to future generations. Therefore the basic rights and protections of the Cetacean’s home and environment are
preserved by the Sovereign LHG. Integral to these protections are the discontinuance of trolling lengthy clear ( monofilliment ) fishing line. The practice of trolling long clear fishing line is inhumane and detrimental to the welfare and life of Cetacean and violates the sovereign rights of Cetacean forwarding future generations and the basic rights of protecting home and environment.

• A Sovereign LHG supports and defends the Cetacean Nation’s sovereign right to freedom of movement, freedom of residence and freedom of expression. It is therefore unlawful to capture, detain or remove any & all Cetacean from their environment by any and all nations, corporations, governments, military, states, organizations or individuals. ( all peoples everywhere ) The reintegration of Cetacean back into their natural environment and culture is essential to the basic sovereign
freedoms of the Cetacean Nation, pursuant to the Sovereign LHG forthcoming ‘ Release Protocol  to aid in timely and successful Cetacean release and reintegration.

• A Sovereign LHG declares and supports the Cetacean Nations right to the pursuit of happiness. We acknowledge as a People and a Sovereign Nation that the Cetaceans use of ‘play' is integral to the Cetacean, expressing prevalent in family, social, governing structures. Non-harmful, non threatening, non harassing interfacing, socializing & development of personal relationships with this highly social
community is pronounced lawful and exercises basic sovereign freedoms. The Declaration of Cetacean Sovereignty acknowledges the difference between ‘ play ‘ and harassment. All Cetacean sovereignly hold the inherent rights & dignities of all Earths citizens to choose with whom they will play, when, and at what location within their residence.

• A Sovereign LHG holds within it's awareness that Cetaceans are part of the larger Hawaiian family representing as both 'Ohana & Amakua’; respected as elder family members of the greater Hawaiian community. Cetaceans are found within the Hawaiian Oral Creation Traditions ( intangible cultural heritage ) holding an honored position within the Hawaiian Cultural Heritage. All Cetaceans are therefore respectfully offered sanctuary within the Sovereign LHG borders and laws to express freely the rights privileges and freedoms scribed in this Declaration of Cetacean Sovereignty by the Sovereign LHG governance and it's Peoples.

Scribed on May 31, 2016 by Jillian Sprado - Ambassador to the Cetacean Nation

for a Sovereign and Lawful Hawaiian Government


Endorsed by.............................................................................................



Laws set forth for a Sovereign and Lawful Hawaiian Government in accordance with the Declaration of Cetacean Sovereignty

Scribed May 31, 2016

A Sovereign Lawful Hawaiian Government in accordance with this
Declaration of Cetacean Sovereignty establishes the following laws to be effective immediately:

Hawaiian Marine Managed Areas Act of 2016 : The Lawful Hawaiian government identifies all of her Pacific ocean territory; waters that border the nation of Hawaii extending [3] three miles out in all directions and all of the waters contained within Hawaii’s sovereign borders as Hawaiian Marine Managed Areas ( HMMA ), and are therefore protected, managed and nurtured by the Lawful Hawaiian Government.


The Hawaiian Marine Managed Areas protects all of Hawaii’s areas of seas, oceans,
lakes, waterways and springs. ( total and inclusive of all Hawaii’s waters ) Hawaiian Marine Managed Areas manages human activity for conscientious conservation purposes that protects all natural resources, all marine life and all Hawaiian cultural resources. A Sovereign LHG therefore provides laws for, and not limited to; fishing practices, the removing of or disruption of marine life, the preservation of ‘play ’ and the institution of sanctuary.

Decibel Level Act of 2016 : Subject to the protections of the Sovereign LHG and the Hawaiian Marine Managed Areas, decibel levels of all oceanic traffic within Hawaiian borders are not to exceed [75] seventy-five decibels measured from any point on the shoreline of the body of water on which the vessel is being operated. This law is in accordance with the Washington State legislature of the United States : titled RCW 79A, chapter 79A.60, which states verbatim this law, as of July 25, 1993. Muffler and
underwater exhaust systems are therefore required to meet this minimum standard.

Trolling Act of 2016 : A LHG identifies and protects all of Hawaii’s areas of seas, oceans, lakes, waterways and springs as a Hawaiian Marine Managed Area: We therefore call for the discontinuance of trolling clear fishing line ( mono-filliment ) extending for [500 feet] five hundred feet or more in a LHG.

Pacific Oceanic borders. Hooks and tackle on clear fishing line are suggested at [ 50 ] fifty feet with extensions of rope when more length is needed. Rope size must measure 7mm (.275 inches diameter ) or greater to protect both LHG waters and all her inhabitants. Hooks and tackle on trolling lines should exist only at the end last [7] sevens feet of troll line, and should not be more than [7] seven hooks count for the allotted 500 feet of fish line. The discontinuance of numerous hooks on mono-filliment prevents the inhumane fishing practice of clear cutting the oceans forest and indiscriminate genocide of marine life insuring future generations for both the practice of fishing and for all marine life.

Cetacean Play Act of 2016: The Lawful Hawaiian Government is in accordance with the Marine Mammal Act of 1972 of the United States Congress, which defines harassing as “any act of pursuit, torment or annoyance which has the potential to either: a] injure an individual [ purposely ] b. disturbance of behavioral patterns [ purposely ] which includes and is not limited to migration, breathing, nursing, breeding, feeding or shelter ”. The Sovereign LHG by this act therefore declares
non-harmful, non threatening, non harassing interfacing, socializing and development of personal relationships with this highly social community is pronounced lawful and exercises basic sovereign freedoms of the Cetacean Nation and the Sovereign Lawful Hawaiian Government and It’s Peoples.

Cetacean Sanctuary Act of 2016 : The Sovereign Lawful Hawaiian Government in accordance with the Declaration of Cetacean Sovereignty calls for timely reintegration of all Cetacean back into their natural environment and native culture pursuant to a LHG forthcoming ‘Release Protocol ’ offering all Cetacean sanctuary within the Sovereign LHG laws and borders.

Scribed by Jillian Sprado - Ambassador to the Cetacean Nation for a Sovereign and Lawful Hawaiian Government.

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