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I am currently booking into September, October, November & December in order of first come first served.

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1.5 hours

Excavation & Spirit reading that psychically uncovers and follows the lead of your Spirit, with forensic anomalous profiling. A profound unearthing, leading to deeper integration and personal evolution. The session will reveal the personal trauma, uncovering blocks for healing, with quantum shifting and a deeper understanding of one's path and destiny.


This Forensic Excavation combines Quantum Shifting & Integration.

Bookings via email: or 

Payment made via Paypal to once booking is arranged via email.

Cost: $155.00 USD 

Duration: 1.5 hours

Introductory Revelations Consultation

 45 minutes

This is an introductory consultation for those that want to experience the dynamic and get a feel, or for those that have a few questions without delving into the deep waters of the excavation process. 

Duration: 45 minutes via zoom platform

Cost: $85.00 USD 

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Payment made via Paypal to once booking is arranged via email.

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(2 day sessions)


The in person day package is an 8 hour session that is designed to open personal blocks, reveal secreted knowledge and information of the past, present and future, with regards to positively guiding one's mission, life through  healing blocks. 

These are highly charged sessions for impactful integration and quantum shifting and based upon whatever state and threshold one is currently ready for. 

*Includes lunch and dinner over both days. 

*Client must book their own hotel or B&B. Rest is mandatory for 1-2 days due to the quantum shifting and integrative process. It is advised that the session be divided into two days due to the impact on the physical body and its pace of integration dividing the 8 hour session into two 4 hour sessions. This is advised due to the depth of the quantum shifts that will be experienced physically. Each person's body is its own unique Universe therefore symptoms and the degrees of what is experienced will vary. 

Cost: $1370.00 USD

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Payment made via Paypal to once booking is arranged via email.

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I am honored to have the volume of clients I do, and whilst I wish I could read everyone immediately, it is a physical impossibility due to the vital importance of maintaining healthy balance to my energetic and physical body for our mutual benefit. 


To be fair to the energy for each reading, it is most important that I give myself sufficient time to regenerate. It is therefore essential that each forensic reading does not exceed 1.5 hours in order for me to maintain equilibrium. 


Because each reading requires a great deal of energy, I am only able to book a certain amount of sessions per week. Without the equilibrium in regeneration, I am unable to have the energy needed to sustain the integrity of each reading properly. Therefore it is vital that I honor both the integrity of myself and my clients for each reading. 


Doing a reading is likened to running a physical marathon energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally, as I am utilizing energy on all levels- therefore sustaining my regeneration is mandatory, as well as keeping the session to 1.5 hours. 

I am greatly appreciative for everyone's patience and understanding. 

Lauda Leon



Legal Disclaimer: Laura Leon recommends persons see a licensed health care practitioner for any physical, mental or emotional issues that one may be experiencing.  All assessments should be undertaken by licensed practitioners, therefore follow your physician’s recommendations for medications and overall treatment plan and clinical psychological diagnosis or medical advice. 

The information here is not intended to replace that of licensed medical services, or to divert persons from seeking professional care and help. Sovereign Ki - Laura Leon is not a licensed health care practitioner and does not diagnose, treat or prescribe. She simply moves and balances energy that can result in increased awareness and wellness, with shifts in consciousness and timelines, in order to facilitate positive changes and evolution. 

Recordings are strictly NOT permitted & are illegal. That which I create, speak, write, record, communicate is MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and is illegal for anyone to utilize without my express signed permission! ©