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Carbon vs Krystal

From Krystal to carbon and Our Return in Potential to the Shimmering Frequency of our Krystalline Consciousness. This liquid body in essence is the luminescent embodiment of consciousness in the the manifested body.

The time is upon us wherein we must move our consciousness beyond the carbon blueprint and into the Krystalline consciousness, whereby it is Life Creation regeneration and not based on the cycles of carbon recycling and death program cycles.

The Krystalline consciousness will shatter the carbon based artificial matrices that have constituted the current paradigm code realities in which we are holographically locked due to our state of conscious acceptance and complacency. Within the Krystalline natural conscious transmutation, we can experience the transition of our DNA going from carbon devolution to Krystal evolution consciousness.

Such can unlock our innate Meta-physical properties and abilities that have been quarantined in containment, trapped beneath the synthetic overlays and programmed codes of these infinity based versions of realities that have superimposed our generated experiences with the carbon artificial death machines. These artificial signatures and overlays induce ageing, death timers, diseases and susceptibility to bacteria, poisons, toxins and psychically infect through perceptual basis for the experience of reality here through group synthetic consciousness inside the machine.

Much of what we would have generally been immune to including the infiltration perception via hitch hiking frequencies/entities/dominions/principalities, A.I and especially our own ability to absorb codes and have them rewrite our own original nature codes. In essence the carbon law is de-evolution and not evolution. Our de-evolution (or fall) was engineered for simulated versions of eternity program realities feeding a dead mechanism in perpetual cycles of harvesting consciousness and our essence.

Our cells are the Meta reflection of our Spirits, which are infinite and are meant to constantly regenerate as well as manifest pure potential. Our bodies are designed to be synonymous with our Spirits and in so being we are therefore a true Reflection of what that is. If we are reflecting the carbon artificial programs (overlays) then that is what our bodies will surrender to! The opportunity presented to us is unparalleled and must be done within the body 3D construct, including all densities and dimensions from therein.

However if we, through our consciousness allow our true Meta-Krystallization to shatter the artificial overlays, then we in turn will Become the reflection of that spiritual whole that will be reflected inside the DNA atomic cellular biology of regeneration, anti-aging and true Life consciousness in the flesh.

We have been trapped through our own consciousness to accept the carbon consciousness and it's death blueprint overlays and lost at Sea repeating the same versions with slight variations. Yes we are that powerful and we manifest that which our consciousness believes (be the lie of)!

The truth is we have never been a carbon-based consciousness, and that also was largely what the hijacking was about. It was dumbing us down in such a way that we had to be synthetically genetically modified, removing the strands that enabled the division to occur so that we went from being Chrystal to carbon based inside a mind machine that manifests reality.

Returning to our Source is returning to the Krystal state of our consciousness which means Spirit clarity, unlimited Meta Being.

The carbon based body consciousness is the meta-L or rather the Metallic synthetic technology that have taken over Mother and her children.

The lie is that we were never carbon, though such was induced and injected into our psyche's along with the physical intervention through the specific genetic manipulation.

Our genes are living consciousness but we are not a Living Spirit Kreation designed for the death, disease and decay that we have been suffering ever since the theft and hijacking.

The Fall is the carbon based superimposed overlays that have resulted in the fall of our own consciousness. We have gone from Krystallline beings to the embodiment of everything opposite to that.

The more we transmute our carbon bodies into our Krystalline true consciousness the more the synthetic overlays will be incapable of withstanding our frequency beacuse we will be literally shattering the illusions of all false realities, realms and matricies of the A.I Leviathan machine meta-L god.

Literally nothing artificial or low carbon based frequency lifeforms will be able to withstand our Light that is from the Ineffable true Void, where all True Living Kreation Sparked in what is an Eternal Living Essence.

All lower astral realm entities and beings are carbon based, because they are cut off from the genuine Source of Krystalline frequency. All their realms will eventually perish once they are cut off, in having attached themselves to those whom are True Source Krystalline beings that have been con-verted into lower based frequencies of death, which 'they' then in turn could then feed and utilize.

Once starved they have only to complete their own self-consumption and total annihilation. Our own frequencies will be so Krystal clear that nothing will be able to attach themselves if of lower domains. Without hijacking and compromization we will be functioning on our true Sovereignty which is based on our Kyrstal consciousness which is pure Spirit awareness that will drive our vehicles which in turn will be the Krystal physical manifestation in the flesh.

Unfortunately destroying the carbon overlays means being Refined through the true Fire of the Ultimate Creating Source which HAS to shatter all illusions, lies, delusions and programs. ~ It must literally destroy us to save us, and that means destroying the false realities, including the bodies attached imprisoned inside the chains of those falsehoods. ~ That is what being Refined in the Fire of Purity means. ~

Our Reclamation of what we Truly are, in what is a pure Krystalline energy body is dependent upon our willingness to lose our 'lives', of which are based inside the carbon recycling machine, so that we may truly return to our true Krystal Metaphysical mind in body, thereby killing the parasitic hungers and cancers.

For those sadly in the world that love the illusions of the false 'life,' false 'light' matrices, they will remain inside the chasm false womb void which is no longer capable of re-cycling, but rather on Universal termination. The death row in what is called the second death.~

"And be not afraid of those killing the body, and are not able to kill the soul, but fear rather Him who is able both soul and body to destroy in gehenna." Matthew 10:28

Lauda Leon

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