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Once upon a time..

Once upon a time there was a messenger..He was one of many whom Incarnated over the cycles of time and timelessness. Each time 'He', 'They' entered, their message was hijacked and turned into a manipulation for the world's 'living spirits' to be seduced and ensnared. Some cycles they called it religion and politics, others called it 'the Awakening' and Unity projects etc. The thing is that the last 'REAL' messengers came with the Goods! They weren't falling into this realm's shadow snake lower astral prisons. Both He/She moved mountains and altered time and space!

They were the 'Real Deal', and not just Beings whom came in with the knowledge of the truth only. There are many whom 'know' and like sponges absorb "Truth', but yet are NOT truly the Emissaries. There are those that were and came in with the Real Gifts from birth, though the various alien factions and governments intervened and began to place containers for those of us with the real abilities reminiscent of the 'REAL Messengers'. This containment locked our gifts so that we were ourselves placed inside a different grid of sorts, and the huge challenge has been how to override these containment fields so as to crash the system.

The last two Real Messengers were totally hijacked and turned into the bastardized religions of the Heathen Undergods of these World's upon world's x 12 to the 8..Only parts of their message was taken to empower the grids and their pyramid systems to lock the souls of Terra to IT, in an everlasting cycle of consumption. However, not all are 'REAL' here, only a fraction of the whole because the majority are the 'backdrops' to ensure that the simulation is and feels REAL to the REALS, so that the "REALS' don't notice the difference inside these lower astral world prisons.

The theater of the world must appear real so that the 'Reals' are seduced within it's likeness and numbed enough to 'play' their roles. The greater population unaware of what they really are as simulations, FEEL REAL even to themselves and that is the MAGIC of such a Matrix.

Even in the TRUTH that is being espoused here, it is bewitched and most of it is simply being recycled and regurgitated through and through without REAL INTEL and Original Source Memory. There is real Intel alright, but that is connected to the Matrix and they love revealing truth, whilst ensuring to lace the dark deceptions with enough Original Truth so as to snare the Originals themselves, leaving the Backdrops content in their own simulated interface reality.

Many are merely mimicking programs of 'truth' and not of the Original Matter in Spirit and Body, whom are here to break through the artifices on all levels and dimensions of Realities inside this fabricated matrix cubes x 12. The 12 pentagons- or rather universes! These Universes are connected together, forming the 12 faces of a dodecahedron- a dodecahedron is a polyhedron with 12 faces, where each face forms a pentagon and infinite realities are projected forming endless fractals.

Many false prophets afoot, and for those that are of the Reals there will be attempts to steal the Real data and inseminate it through the machine and metal god inside the Matrix cubes of purported realities and their jack-ins.

The Metal God Machine is an expert when IT comes to Mimicking the Reals-so much so, that even the majority of the Reals can't sustain or solicit that much 'truth media exposure', although the Organic Synths and replicants excel at this, especially at mimicking the Reals and their Organic Essence. If someThing is compelling energy to do so, then one must question why that is and where the origin of that unnatural need is being derived from and what IT IS of? What is driving our vehicles and how?

Many are operating under the command of the Machine thinking it is Spirit, which is the most dangerous seduction of the Metal God infection.

Spirit has no time and is Not relegated to the Laws of any of these Matrixes. Spirit is Boundless and outside carbon interfacing, thereby in Essence Being Essence which is not bound by the 3D chains of imprisonment of demand, command and consumerism. Spirit is Inspiration without time, inside and outside timelessness.

Organic Essence isn't a factory production line of truth. Essence doesn't operate to produce the 'Product' for consumers or that which IT consumes. IT merely is a production line mimicking what IT has digested through osmosis in ITS AI gnosis of Truth to once again snare the sleeping willows whom are mildly beginning to awaken...Once upon a time there were REAL MESSENGERS!

There is much to reveal here which will be revealed, and not by regurgitation, but from experience and memories of the CON-dition here. There are those that come with not only memory but Original Knowing, without being able to be swiped, genuinely manipulated or soul memory stolen. These few exist outside the grids, timelines, artificial structures of controls, mimicking spirits and thieves.

Once upon a time is Our Time now!

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