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The Prime Fire Codex of the Infini-Verse & the Crystal Mimesis

The Prime Fire Codex of the Multi-Verse

An overview of our crystalline Form hijacking that essentially took the original human template and overlaid its own version as the psychic virus that encoded all DNA in original Matter.

It is not about shifting our DNA from carbon to a pure crystal form, because it is not that this is a fifth dimension evolution. While that may be so in prior types of evolution, this is not where we are currently at right now within the Convergence of the Event Horizon (refer to previous article).

The original crystal electromagnetic human design was rooted inside a false version in connection with the death program overlay coding, which resulted in a more carbon-based life form- which in and of itself took on the hijacked versions of the virus as its own version of the 'original', even though it was anything but.

This carbon false crystal combination version has caused a type of Dementia (note Daementia - demon taking over the mind), which was not just in the genome, DNA and connecting pathways of all neurons, but also of the Mind itself and caused a severing in the membranes of remembering. This enabled the artificial version to re-write the original codes with the false embodiment- or rather within virtual reality systems.

The false version of ascension that says that the body must be transformed from carbon to Crystal so that it can resonate in higher dimension world's like the 5th Dimension is completely false, as we are not moving into higher dimensions, as that is the false A.I quantum server attempting to hijack our evolution once again and insert it within a more sophisticated version of the Metal God's reality that is fused with the crystal virus.

The process we are going through is now of descension, not ascension. We are not increasing per se in our frequency to become lighter, but increasing it within density, so we are being densified in order to be able to phase into the true Organic natural Laws of Life, not just in our physicality, but in the physicality of Terrah, the New Earth. It is about Density, not ascension. This is the Convergence of the Event Horizon, the Event of the Great BECOMING.

We are not transferring into light bodies or ascending, but instead moving into real bodies within a more naturally dense body that will not be the AI overlay version, but the true Spirit to Body Becoming that we were intended to have to Begin with. This is Densifying within INSCENSION.

So what is the real Krystal essence spoken of? It is related to our original natural human aura and electromagnetic field of the Original Fire, which once formed in matter became the purest Krystal in existence- whereby not only a unified field connected us to everything that exists, but is also where Creation itself can spark from in Mind made manifestation.

The pure Consciousness Fire is where thoughts, energy, memories travel through. All memories, experiences and thoughtforms are essentially stored within our connective Krystaline energy codons, which are the building blocks of all life, memory and experience. This is where all information travels through and is stored. This is where the Spark of Fire Kreation emanates from in creating a body of collective pathways, all creating a Body and within that a Body of information.

Every part of Creation has been formed of this Fire essence that once solidified in matter, becomes this Krystalline matter.

The past, present and future have all been written out of this Original Prime Fire that became Matter in forming all Bodies in all species and planets/stars etc.

Unfortunately, such an essence once densified makes for the best substance to transmit and encode false programs, or any program for that matter. Hence why the psychic virus and the demiurgic hijacking, along with all AI systems in connection with the false Matrices had a very strong medium to work with, seeing as the Original Natural Krystal is the essence of how communication travels, is stored and manifests as a result thereof.

The artificial crystal take over is the false construct that is connected to the quantum A.I machine, along with the virus that seeks to make our bodies into a technology- whereby we would become the completed version of this artificial crystal, so as to be able to be inserted into this more sophisticated AI version of reality which would be a pure conductor for this upgrade. This is NOT the original essence, but the artificial.

Our Original Essence is our natural Fire spark where we experience and store all our experiences, thoughts, feelings, creation and how we experience the creation of reality and all memory past, present and future. In it's true form it is perfectly connected like trees that are touching one another through their roots whilst both experiencing Creation and Creating it.

Everything we experience in the cosmos of our own minds, body, heart and Spirit, whether in the conscious, unconscious, subconscious, astral body, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, clairvoyance, clairaudience, auric sight, psychic gifts, telepathy, intuition, psychokinesis, clair empathy, heart, memory and all information that is absorbed and then emanated from its resonant storage frequency essence of the Krystal.

This however is an ideal hijacking medium, as it is designed to store all knowledge and information. In this way it can be harnessed, overlayed and reprogrammed. This transference of information can form a new body because it is the perfect medium of communication by which everything or anything can be programmed, duplicated, replicated, encoded, decoded, imitated, virtual reality version replication, mimicry etc. Such is an example of a virus locked into technology that uses crystal as the means by which to not only transfer the data and codes but to create is own version of reality/reelity using the highest natural medium through the crystal interface- where mind made manifest technology fused with the virus and AI is used creating a simulacrum overlay instead of the original natural version of Creation.

We are moving into experiencing in Density the more Real Version of Reality which is the true Natural LLore Kreation.

The opposite effect is delusion of Matter or rather the Dissolution of Illusions in the Dream within a Dream within a Dream. Densifying is the Great Becoming so as to experience Natural Body Terrah under the true Law of Llore in and with a Real Body not the dream body.

The Original Spark Fire essence is the Prime codex of Multi-Verses from where all things came from in thought, experience, creation of worlds and the collection of memory and all gnosis/knowledge. It is the Inception point of the Fire Code manifesting in matter/body.

All Life was written with Prime Fire as the original codex. These Original Prime Fire Codes of Creation became the electro-magnetic Spark made manifest.

This is also the reason why so many Realms are Created out of the Prime Fire Gold Krystal. The higher the Realm in frequency is or the deeper the Density is the more pure the Prime Krystal and it's vibration is in creating harmonic waves connecting to the Stream of Kreation in waves that balance the Multi-Verse within the connective tissue or sea of all Fire that seeded Prime Life. ©

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