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Convergence of the Event Horizon

The Great Ripple effects of the Mysterious Waves

The major energetic shifts that many on earth are anticipating are not due for some time yet. What people are experiencing in discomfort with relation to these 'Galactic Wave currents' are moreso an introduction brought forth in order to effect change inwardly and outwardly. As above so below, as within so without, and 2017 is only the kick start of these converging energies.

We are merely at the precipice of the Great Dismantling, and these present energies are the preliminary exposure upon multiple levels, including the physical, emotional, chemical, electrical, neural and kinetic-mind, body, heart and soul. The first time this was revealed to me, I was 12 years old and wrote of it in my journal, having been shown this massive sojourning companion of our evolution and dissolution.

These energies have been here for a long time and they have been intensifying as they traverse. The mysterious electrons, along with the plasma tsunamis hitting Earth, are gravitationally affecting 'universal bodies'- ALL bodies! These super charged mystery particles are affecting matter in positive and negative charges, although the effects of the strange microwave energy pulses are hard to take physically and mentally for many.

These supernova electrons are a different 'fire' and they are here to ignite us- ignite our awakening out of the amnesiac fluid that keeps humanity inside it's slumber. This 'Fire' illuminates.

This is only the beginning, for these high galactic energy waves that are coming in as a ripple effect will continue to intensify until they ignite in the momentary flash. This Sacred Fire will dissolve all energies that are not able to withstand it's Purification at the climax.

There is good news however, because these energies are forcing our own evolution- and all our dormant DNA is being forced to respond positively or negatively to it's charge with relationship to what It does to and with us depending on our level of consciousness and Accountability. What we choose to see, unveil and dismantle within ourselves will determine how we relate to these energies, either positively or negatively. They will shift all the energies and resurface all that is hidden.

How one experiences this and responds, or is able to respond to these psychic magnetic New Fire plasma fields/currents determines the level of Alchemical transformation that can take place. There is a psychic relationship through osmosis that takes place building and amplifying until the Convergence of the Event Horizon.

Both humanity and the earth are experiencing the same symptoms of expansion and retraction on a sub-atomic level, all the way through the entire systems of our bodies, minds and souls. It is our consciousness that has been keeping this earth realm trapped along with ourselves.

As a result, that which seeks to hide shall be forced to emerge in all realities, physical earth and also us. That which seeks to hide and keep us inside the slumbering veils of illusion shall come crumbling down. What we do with that knowledge and those revealings is up to us.

What we are willing to actually DO with our Life Force in our True consciousness with both Spirit and Body combined will determine the result of what these new fire energies induce within us and what we in turn do with them.

Re-membering is bringing back together all your members (parts) because they were re-moved and replaced with the artificial ownership of your 'matter'.

These energies include what is part of a dwarf planet/Nemesis and it's binary system/second sun, which is close enough to our Sol to be causing fluctuating currents and changes upon it- achieved through siphoning energy and feeding off of it to grow stronger. It is therefore partial to the cause in the increase of 'earth changes', earthquakes and many other issues on and within the planet's core, sun, galaxy, the internal and external.

The earth's tilt is exacerbating the problem, also contributing to the effect of these energies. The consequent tilting of all our planets in our solar system is also a result of this powerful mysterious sojourner dwarf system which is traversing towards our planet and is currently somewhere in our solar system incoming.

Governments have been tracking this system since at least the early 80's, though the news dropped into an abyss when scientists realized what this new neighbor would cause in effect/affect along with it's pending visitation.

These mysterious influx of energies, dancing in anticipation around the earth are not to be viewed as an apocalyptic demise, but rather an opportunity in the Great Unveiling, of the fusion of powerful Spiritual forces that are emerging through Compression. The energies are ultimately empowering humanity to re-turn to the place of their sovereign sacred Being, along with the Convergence destroying the false Matrix and it's multi-layered holographic realities.

Such compression energies are now coming to a climax so that all humanity can break through all the illusions and spells within this Event Horizon, where the true Fire ignites from above and below the surface of the planet, from within and without, from the spells of our own mirrors and projections, wherein all the energies dissolve the illusions of polarity, chaos and division from the world at large and the world within. This Event will be the meeting ground where all energies will be forced through the Fire of Ignition to meet in the middle at the surface of the planet for trans-formative change.

This is the first description which is just a mild introduction to far deeper elements that come with these New Fire Energies. What these energies will do come in parts, just as their currents in the Great Unfolding. There will be various stages to what is merely a soft introduction.

This is the Opportunity the entire universe has been waiting for.

The Middle Way ~ Peace

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