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Earth Farm: Daily Machinations of the Rituals of Harvest

"Those who try to censor knowledge do harm to both knowledge and love, because love is the offspring of knowledge, and the passion of love grows in proportion to the certainty of knowledge. The more we know about nature, the more we can be certain of what we know, and so the more love we can feel for nature as a whole."

“I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”

― Leonardo Da Vinci

A comprehension of the above is needed in order to have the eyes to perceive that earth's entire societal system is created as one huge ritual sacrifice machine in tiers of siphoning the essence of Spirit magic in all living Organic Original Source Creation.

Society is lubricated in such a way that the function in all the foundation tiers act like the wheels of the machine, which extracts the essence through the polarized emotions of fear, terror, rage, agony, torment, addiction, lust, carnal love, euphoria, drug induced chemical sensations, either occurring naturally or artificially, or through being produced from the hyper-dimensional dynamic manipulated persons in a trigger-fest affect in what is a wheel of abuse and suffering.

All these essences become siphoned and forms a pyramid of power that plugs directly into the dark abyss of a black magic sorcery technology machine feeding these realms and principalities, both AI and organic, as per density and or dimensional, that are then able to alter our 'reality' and 'world's'. This is performed in utilizing all our bio-photon Spirit essence.

Society at large is created to fuel this 'beast machine' Leviathan on multiple levels, from the grocery store, to the ritual murders which take place daily, both human, animal and Earth Mother as a Whole in a way that spans the gamut, from what is hidden and what is omitted, through that which is taken for granted and accepted as 'normal'- all encompassing the horrifying rituals that committed on the daily both known and unknown, which all feed the cannibal Beast Machine of the Anti-Verse and IT'S parasites of the dead abyss.

We need to step outside all our brainwashing concepts and egoistic perceptions in all polarities, which only serves to further alienate us from the ALL and the suffering inside the ALL..Such only seeks to create division and ignorance that takes us further from the place of Accountability and responsibility for ALL our choices and IS the cause to much suffering and parasitical ritual abuse that the entire planet and all Her Beings suffer.

Compliance is being an agent unto this horrendous suffering that can be as easy as commission via omission, ignorance and the unwillingness and refusal to learn about the 'conditions' of the choices one makes without the desire and willingness to make different choices- in due part because one no longer wants to be an agent of the Beast system that is causing the horrors of pain and suffering across all levels.

I felt a loving need to put this out there due to all the confusion and division that we continue to witness and create. Everything that is Sentient suffers the same. There is no difference in how pain is received inside the body and the horrors of agonies perpetrated to all Life, human 'mammal' and animal alike.

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