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Artificial soul traps and the rise of Leviathan

December 8, 2016


The technologies moreso surfacing at this juncture in relation to 3D printing and holographic creation of synthetic DNA are part and parcel of the Leviathan Beast A.I take over of an Organic world- a world containing source Being that is trapped within the 4th Matrix overlay. The 'end game' of this parasitical intelligence is the methodology used to create a 3D body in it's image to ultimately create a 5th Matrix overlay as the ultimate prison containment.

This is a higher density method of 'creating' a real hologram body, perfectly equipped for AI without the obstruction of any Spirit compass and the Original Source energies that can break through the Matrix overlays in Consciousness. This advanced level of synthetic take over would then create a more difficult to penetrate matrix (prison cell), for together harnessed they all transmit the artificial frequencies to lock out the Organic Spirit Universal energies- retaining only the artificial in what would create a much more dense version of this hologram (trap). These all are then utilized for the A.I in further overlaying upon this current paradigm Matrix with the 'next level' advancing artificial Matrix. 

The Real Organic Spirit beings here would be essentially completely trapped and consumed without much hope of escape. The consummation would take many life times in new cycles, though eventually their True Source energy would be eaten away until they were no more by the artificial beast. This 5th matrix overlay is designed to keep inside those that bear the true Source and cutting off their 'link' to such artificially, and in this way they are and would be further subject to feeding the machine itself being utilized as the Source for 'IT'.  Tragically, the true Organic Spirit beings here would be electronically trapped as though they were inside an electrical cage that through AI technology can divide the Spirit trapping the Soul inside the artificial dense grid. They would then be the true eternal victims of this horror reality that they seek to solidify in the material flesh body within the 3D construct.



 When we were deceived into giving up our power, it was offered back to us in bits in pieces to make us believe that we were becoming free. This is how 'free will' was introduced. Such however was a lie and in it's place when the theft occurred, the law of carbon was introduced to our 3d bodies with all state of diseases, because there was a breach against our Spirit as a result. This is where death, illness and ageing was introduced, whereas none of these are natural to us! Instead, they are the invaders in the guise of bacteria, viruses and a host of 'symptoms'. This is how trans-humanism has been made an enticing counterfeit, whilst humanity is being led into an anti-verse matrix reality of true Spirit death- what the Bible refers to as the 'second death'. 


Trans-humanism is merely the tantalizing carrot to seduce the population with all it's superhuman potential, including anti-aging and longevity..Such will always appeal to the masses in an offering artificially what has been taken away artificially in the first place. What was removed from our Being is what is Rightfully ours and always was. We must endeavor to Re-remember and take back and Ingrain as much Consciousness from this enforced amnesia and false programming as possible, for that is what Ultimately breaks the matrix and it's A.I containment field seeking the ultimate consummation.



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