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Isis and Osiris - The Ritual Sacrifice within Civilization

The Phallus, Vagina and Dragon symbols are extremely prevalent across continents. Several examples are demonstrated in the Vatican, with many placed within various basilicas. The power grids and mind control underlay and overlays are right in front of our eyes,in all areas of society. The secret mystery schools are at the forefront of the world they have built for us- and through their symbols of captivity, we subliminally give power to them. This is equivalent to our being ritually sacrificed in our daily lives by virtue of existing within its matrix of power, and through agreements of entrapment. Whether consciously, unconsciously or through omission, we set and perpetuate our own imprisonment within their ritual energy vampiric ley lines of human consciousness and harvesting soul energies. We don't even realize we are making these agreements that are entrapping us, because 'they' have literally embedded these symbols in society all around for thousands of years. We have literally inherited the inability to see what is right in front of our eyes from endless lifetimes and generations in subjugation of these mind controlling images and sacred ritual frequency invasive hooks. The world's paramount preoccupation with sex is evident, not to mention Rome's. The Vatican displays unabashed vaginal and phallic symbols within it's principle design in architecture. Roman Catholic art is ubiquitous throughout history in its displays of art and architecture. There is no limit to the story within it's imagery and the secrets it holds of pedophilia, rape, subjugation and sodomy are only but some of their very favorite things. Related links:

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