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Are You Ready To Integrate Your Origins in Being?

The earth is an illusion, including our earthen bodies. We exist as toroidal energy alike to the earth (EA). Both function as a magnetic field that has a specific pattern, flow and design. This is a primary pattern that can be found in literally everything in the universe and is the most ancient of symbols cast within the mysteries of civilization. It is the prime design which is repeated in every aspect in both the micro and the macrocosms, from cells, seeds, animals, galaxies, cosmos, planets,humans, fauna, water and the design of how energy flows, sand, storms,fractals, the flower of life, flow of water, dreams and even how feelings energetically resonate in form and literally is withing the design of everything in the Universe. The inner and the outer are equal in mirroring their own reflection. It is a self-sustaining energy which is the Key that Issa (Jesus) tried to teach, in order to try and reclaim that which we lost through the 'fall'- for those that can understand and disengage from the 'illusion', which traps the energy inside trauma, keeping us from the natural flow of the torus of life inside due to the captivity which has essentially hijacked this energy from our consciousness and instituted the endless programs of entrapment. All the while this self-sustaining 'force' continues to manifest our illusion. (ill - us- ion). Language is a spell, so sometimes readers will note me breaking down words to reveal the deeper truths associated with them. In this way they can serve as an unlocking subconsciously. Few have entered this paradigm with the signature frequency, working with the self-sustaining endlessness of its power and altered time and space, but with the fall came the imbalance inside its own Force. This toroidal energy is what this world actually looks like because earth is an illusion. In its pure form this Force should enable us to harness, regenerate and transmute dying matter (our flesh and the condition of the fall of our consciousness, memory and Sovereignty) if we know how to utilize it. This energy is hugely symbolic and an indication of what we are, in eternal self sustaining never ending energy.

All Creation is made out of the same substance....There is an equal flow to the inside and outside. The ideas we have about the earth and 'bodies' however consist of the illusion that masks 'this energy' at work. We are each surrounded by our own Toroidal energy, which explains why some of us are so charged and can affect technology around us, along with time and space. Each of our signatures is distinct, though simultaneously connected to the WHOLE (HOLE) of infinity, or rather the entire Sea of Energy that consists of the Universe/s. We are Kinetically (Kin - ET- Ic) relating to everything in this Universe whether we are aware of it or not, and because of our loss of 'self' and amnesia we are not aware of how we are affecting time and space around us in co-creating this matrix. This is where it gets interesting because of what and whom we are co-creating this reality with. It is a result of the hijacking and the care-takers that stepped in, which comprise of all the keepers and rivaling factions of warring principalities. Hence many were exiled from the majority of the Universe as a result of their destructive power unleashed, creating many wars, which essentially united the universal planetary systems to oust and keep them from consuming and destroying more worlds. They found their way here due to the extraordinary nature of our small but endless 'universe' matrix paradigm (US), and due to the condition of our will and 'fall', they legally and illegally hijacked us. I'm simplifying what is utterly convoluted because we haven't mentioned the 'black living consciousness', or anything beyond the topical, although these are entirely different topics for now. The Torus field's origin is the Heart and creates an arc out from the heart and boomerangs back to its origin in a continuous flow of this toroidal energy. I call this the axiom of heart and it extends from the pelvis to the head. Think of the Vitruvian Man and the chakra points which are the Tree of Life and the star of the Tetrahedron. The entire field is holographic with an outline in frequency. What this looks like is a shimmering outline containing the energy within. The outline is the 'field' of what ever is housing the object. It can be literally read like mathematics if one can 'see' it without the illusion of the hologram matrix superimposed. The torus creates sacred geometry and all physical anomalies that need to be deciphered like a mathematical equation, or is similar to listening to music. The energy flows and can be manipulated through the chakra system or Kundalini or rather the Serpent which is a key in symbolism that isn't always negative. The Serpent is the Flow design of the energy at work through living matter. The Serpent flow holds the secret 'flow' of the torus in Creation, and is the origin of that 'flow' of Life. The Serpent energy has been hijacked and this 'reality matrix' with it. The chakras lock in 'experiences', which in turn create your aura, which in turn resonates a specific frequency of law and attraction. The field of energy and the Serpent flow connected to the chakras and psychic glands or (universes) are comprised of the original division that took place to create this current Universe and paradigm - that is the male and female. Therefore the torus fields typically have conflicting energies simultaneously, which are the male and female aspects of the Whole or Hole in opposition, one flowing in one direction while the other one flows in the opposite direction, both spinning towards the Southern polarity of consciousness or the Head. Now here is the key to the original imbalance- the Head or Southern polarity vs the pelvis or the Head or Southern polarity vs the pelvis or Northern polarity, relates to the male dominance imbalance and the female suppression creating the current imbalanced paradigm. This has created a vortex energy flux. As creators and co-creators, we have manifested the present 'illusion' in what is our current Universe, and has to do with the loss of our Sovereignty in the imbalance of the feminine and masculine. A general loss of our identity occurred, whilst yet retaining the powers unconsciously of Creators. The Torus Field is a testimony of our creative powers in the eternal Energy and manifestation of worlds upon worlds, even though this is a holographic reality.Therefore healing must come from the Heart Center - the meridian between both sexes.This knowledge largely stems via experiences from my childhood, slipping inside the true matrix structure of the hologram- although I was too young to know or understand what I was seeing and experiencing. These experiences in essence served to be teacher of the matrix and the holographic nature of this paradigm- the true nature of our 'reality'. These are concepts very difficult to explain in words with their limitations..This is essentially about overcoming trauma in every single way we can possibly imagine, because everything is energy. This is a key in understanding our Power, and how everything works within and outside of us. It is one and the same.

Power is knowledge applied, although it is meaningless unless we use our Hearts in Love to grasp and seek the Universe (U- verse) which is within us principally in understanding and BEING. Only from there can we begin to break through the shards frozen inside the torus fields locking us up. We can never obtain truth from the origin of the divided 'self', which is where and how the enemies invade. This is the head where the many enemy forces rule, manipulate our E-Motions and implant thoughts. The heart however is where our Sovereignty and the Universe are One BEING, Unified in Love and operating the Flow of this endless self-sustaining Energy that is in and of ITSELF the key.

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