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June 4, 2018

April 14, 2017

November 10, 2016

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Targeting and Meta-Destruction

October 24, 2016


It appears that our genetic markers determine how we are utilized and to what depths. We are stretched into simultaneous realities as hyper-dimensional beings and bear a vitrually unlimited energy linked directly to the Source which 'they' lack.

These praying-mantis' (preying on man) shape-shift through our own perceptions, literally placing inside our minds what 'they want us to see', thereby hiding themselves from us and the nature of the reality we are truly living. In this way, they not only hide from us, but have also robbed us of identities, memories, lifetimes and 'BEING'. They literally have the ability to place us within a spell in such a way that we literally 'see' what they position inside our minds to see, giving us cover memories, including years of manipulating our version of 'reality' and what we are perceiving on many levels.

The clarity of what we are each remembering is a true marker of us shifting out of the 'dream' illusory world/s of their manipulation.

I do not perceive that fear is natural to our Eternal Being, but rather it is utilized as their principle modus operandi to keep us locked inside the prison of continuous trauma, so as to prevent our own awakening out of their 'spell'. This is largely what they implement against humanity, as well as manipulating set ups in the opposite to fear in rigging 'love', addictions, euphoria, co-dependency and anything that is out of balance either positively or negatively. They inject fear into our being and try to make it our own as they are capable of inducing a "Love Spell" or 'Lovebite' as Eve Lorgen so brilliantly exposed.

When we peel away the layers, we see the illusory worlds cast upon our conscious and subconscious minds- to realize the lifetimes that have literally been stolen- a life lived inside the web of that thieving. This is likened to the movies 'Stepford Wives' meets the 'Thirteenth Floor' and in infinite ways far worse because we have been living 'something' else's lives. In that equation, we have been kept within a fractal prison/prism locked away from our own consciousness in truth.

Behind the Mantis, there is yet another 'force' even greater, and behind that yet another. When we discover the truth of it all, there will be a crossroads; a spectrum where two choices will manifest those realities once and for all, and for all time in timelessness.

This ouroboros labyrinth, aka the human hijacking invasion take over appears infinite for we are infinite. Therefore how they have been using us/puppeteering us is in itself infinite.

Such is a terrifying thought, as we step outside the illusory spells of invasion, wonderland and the literal parasitic condition of our 'life force', soul, Spirit, 'being' and endless Lives that have been trapped inside the horror of this twisted cannibalism and mind warp spanning aeons.

The goal is to return to what and who we are completely without manipulation- to see realities that don't exist, in order that we not serve as automated batteries and slaves. How profound to have a world of 'Creators' seduced within the spell of ill-us-ion, whilst creating for our enemies the many realities, all of which trap us inside our own enslavement.

Recalling these memories are vital for our struggle to Integrate and burst through ever deepening layers of this diabolical invasion and complete hijacking of not just our bodies, minds, hearts, souls, Spirits, DNA, Lineages, past lives, but going into the far reaches of many dimensions, levels and the complete manipulation of time on all levels.

I feel that we are serving to help one another in such a way, and that we are accelerating such breakthrough's upon this internal journey of healing and integration. Still though, this isn't what we think it is, even in what we are made to believe in these breakthrough's. The spell is deeply woven within multi-dimensional levels of our unique BEING. We are helping one another through this Universal excavation of our entire Being- inside the vortex reality of the Matrix.


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