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I'm forever grateful to Lauda for the energetic support during a difficult & stressful time, involving a legal case after a car accident.  I felt a lot of presence and support in the room when I was being interviewed by a lawyer for the plaintiffs.  Afterwards, I was told after I wouldn't have to come back for anything else, and that things were going into a positive resolution.

Thank you so much Lauda for your help, I wouldn't have been able to go through this without you! God Bless!


I am a seasoned seeker looking at all my life to understand and resolve physical, interpersonal and spiritual issues. I found Lauda much later but when we met, and even before I knew. I have stopped all other wanderings because I have landed on truth delivered by the most whole person I have ever met.


And when you learn what her experience is, one knows how how few can be whole after so much seeing. I am healing from lifetimes of physical separation and spiritual damage. I have a new relationship with my spirit which makes me tear just saying it. When she works with you it is not just for the session but for all time. Not sure how I will ever repay her and yes I know this is not required. She is conscious love with a very deep knowledge. I wish you all of this and more. 

Deborah Bright New York