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June 4, 2018

April 14, 2017

November 10, 2016

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Planned scripts and the Great Cosmic Catalyst

March 19, 2018


The internet is currently experiencing the preliminary stages of a wider censorship in agenda. Eventual containment was always part of the long range plan after the granted 'window of opportunity' for the unveiling and sharing of vital Truths.  Greater enforced controls of online platforms however will be oprating in conjunction with increasing earth change events and false flags in operation.


The globalist system architects will be using  excuse such as a solar flare/EMP/sonic pulse or meteor wave for knocking out the electrical grid system at some point. When this occurs they will use it as reason to explain damaged parts of the hardware during the planned shutdown.


Their intention is to create the conditions in domino effect to prepare the masses for expansion of martial law for a period. This will serve to have people acclimated to being 'ruled over' and living under a stricter enforcement. As events, both unnatural and natural escalate and intensify, such enforcement will increase. 


Once the grid is more widely 'switched on' again, it will be modified, thus effecting more control over online media in order to limit the world wide web to filter and control news outlets more so, with a blacking out of some alternative news media sources and sites.






These wider plans are in the 'hangar' and waiting to be launched. The world powers know what is coming in cosmically with the binary system and they are for the most part ready with their military/intelligence apparatus, whilst the 'elites' eventually prepare their moves to their allotted safe locations, although such will occur later as this is only the preliminary stages setting things up for the cascading of events. 


The manufactured 'events' will be unleashed so as to provide a pre-determined 'solution' in concocting their 'order out of chaos' solutions. This is the totalitarian One World Republic....They only wanted you to believe it was a democracy and that we were 'free citizens', though it was with a fee and that fee is your entire life and it's soul (not Spirit).


Keep an eye out for incoming meteors that will be witnessed more frequently at increased volumes. They will also electromagnetically alter atmospheric properties alongside solar activity to create a more convincing platform. The cloud comes with clusters of meteors.  The first cluster has already entered in our direction. They are not part of the larger cluster, though the few that will impact in diverse places will be witnessed at a more alarming rate than previously as the Earth's magnetic fields are weakening & the magnetoshere.


These will be more of a spectacle without causing as much damage at this point, however it will be evident the frequency and the increased number of them. The ones that impact will do so in dispersed patterns and distances. 


These clouds and the meteors will be travelling in waves so we should be seeing an unusually more than average amount of them as the cloud gets closer. The magnetosphere is fluxing and diminishing including holes that are more and more evident. The last of the veils are experiencing instability and diminishing. Deterioration   within pockets of the fabric are waning stretching the natural charges so that it leaves pockets without charge thus creating holes. The fluxes will be experienced with increased regularity as the fabric of the veil thins.   


Earthquakes will be increasing as well as Earth related catastrophes in weather, lfire and and water. In short all the Elements are becoming unstable including the real Sun. There will be many anomalies occurring within the Veil and the fabric of 'reelity' itself. We are witnessing a most unique Event, one not quite witnessed in this particular way. As the real sun withdraws within itself an equal reaction of force will be emitted outwards like a thermal fusion dance blanketing the radius of its emission in the galaxy. As the real dies the new Son of the Sun will be born. 


We will be seeing and are seeing increasing searing heat and Episodes of searing heat will be unleashed in pulses at the beginning and as this realm heats up with the intensity of the fusion occurring, the dying sun's core will become denser as it's internal body reactor expands ever increasing and intensifying the heat it emits in waves.


Its pulse quickens in these flashes becoming more regular as it's own body intensifies. Often when a body is about to be ferried the bridge of Verses it will gather all its power in one last brilliant show of heroism and life. In this way it is birthing itself. 


As these events begin to be moreso pronounced, the remaining veil of reality will be split further, so as to break open the last dimensional Gate for a merging of both Un(i)-Verses-/Infini-Verses , the dark matter Metal God and this Realm. This occurring in architected measure in hopes of creating a new and more sophisticated version of these MRI hologram Matrix worlds, so as to attempt to escape the Convergence of the Event Horizon and the Waves of Refining Fire in the Dissolution of Illusions. 


Much intensity occurring and this will be accelerating and increasing, just as our own DNA, chemistry and atoms are accelerating along with our ever expanding consciousness. These are merely the preliminary stages of a cascading series of events, with time still to organize and make changes if needed. We have yet to experience these greater labor pains prior to the true Birthing.


These real events are a part of the Purification that is to take place and the Great Splitting of Verses in the forging and refining of Infinity and The Great Becoming.




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