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Bookings Notification



I am currently booking mid April onward in order of first come first served.

Please read the information on page prior to booking. Thank you.



*Payment must be made immediate upon confirmed booking of session to reserve place.

*Payment is accepted via Paypal to 

Include your name so source of payment is easily identifiable for booking.

*Late cancellation within 24 hours of a confirmed appointment incurs a fee deduction of US$50 due to loss of time and/or inability to recover and re-book.



Bookings arranged via the Contact form below


* Services can be performed in person, over the phone, via Skype and Zoom video platforms. Third tier full day package is in-person only.

* Emergency after-hours bookings are available, not exceeding 30 minutes US$99.

*Audio/visual recordings of sessions are not permissible unless such permission is directly expressed by Lauda Leon to the client. In most cases, recordings of sessions are not recommended as they can become disruptive to the natural flow of healing, in one reverting to them repeatedly and over-analyzing information. It is important to trust that all will be retained by the subconscious mind and soul. At precise moments when one needs to recall certain information, one will retrieve what is necessary in accordance to individual requirements.

Legal Disclaimer: Sovereign Ki recommends that persons see a licensed health care practitioner for any physical, mental or emotional issues that one may be experiencing. She does not operate as a licensed health care practitioner and therefore does not medically diagnose, treat or prescribe in such capacity. It is always advised to follow a physician’s recommendations for medications and overall treatment plans. Her services do not offer legal, medical, psychiatric or clinical psychological diagnosis and will not be held liable for any claims against such. The information offered is not intended to replace that of licensed medical services, or to divert persons from seeking professional care and help. Her abilities involve moving and balancing energy that can result in increased awareness and wellness, with shifts in consciousness in order to facilitate positive changes and evolution. Her consults are for Spiritual advice ​only and are expressly the opinion of Lauda Leon to be received as such. Energy is fluid and not fixed, and how one interprets that energy as per the feelings, images and senses generated within the moment are subject to the understanding of fluidity and change. The 'future' is always changing, so Laura Leon does not make claims in her consultations about such, and rather attempts to explain energy as she feels it, with the understanding that she is not responsible for what those energies generate in perception and expression. Agreeing to a consult and/or session implies that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.